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  • Like a lot of people, I used the pandemic in 2020 to allow my fitness to slip away combined with a terrible diet. I ballooned to a weight I’ve never been before, 227lbs. My clothes didn’t fit anymore and I just felt bad and embarrassed. I needed to do something now!!

    I turned to my best friend who I’ve known to always be disciplined in his fitness journey since I’ve known him. He actually helped me assemble my first piece of equipment in my home gym, started me on a training regimen followed with a diet plan.

    Fast forward 3 months later I’ve gone from 227lbs to 188lbs following the PPC method. Not only do my clothes fit again but I’m even fitting into old clothes from high school!! To top off the new look, I had to update the wardrobe with some fresh PPC gear as well. Years ago I asked Burden why does he train so much and so hard. His response was “I’m training for life!!”

    PPC is a lifestyle!! I’m 🔒’n in!!

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  • The products sold are amazing and I’m completely switching out my wardrobe! PPC is the only life I wanna live! Thank you Senior Burden for taking care of your customers and pushing us past comfort! #HARDBODY

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