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  • Working with Coach B has been great so far. I worked with another trainer before him for 4 months and I didn’t get nearly the same amount of attention or results as I do now and I’m only a month in. He pushes you, makes sure you put in that work and get that BIG sweat in, and works around your schedule. I’m on vacation and he’s worked around my new time zone for our virtual calls, worked around the current time I’m able to gym while I’m away, and has adjusted workouts based on whats around at my temporary gym. He’s amazing and everyone should have him as a trainer!

    Sasha Alvarado on

  • Obviously the clothes are fantastic for the gym, but even if you’re in warm weather or it’s humid out you’re going to find yourself wanting to wear shirts. I wish I didn’t buy 1 pair of the shorts. I could wear those every single day if I didn’t see the same people every day. Thankfully the work around for me is buying more non-PPC stuff to start mix and matching just so I could get away with wearing them in public non-gym settings several times a week. South Florida is hot and this stuffs the real deal. Worth every penny, and the guy behind PPC is worth supporting and getting involved with. Reach out – see for yourself.

    Michael Wagner on

  • I was skeptical about virtual training sessions but PPC delivered and made me a believer. I thought I was in shape but I left my first session gassed and hungry for more. I appreciate the dedication to making me the best me!

    Capri Delvaux on

  • My trainer, mentor and friend provided a meal and workout plan that helped me lose 9lbs in 2 weeks. If you want to be a better version of yourself let Burden help you get there. You will not be disappointed! This is not just about working out, but about making a lifestyle that will benefit all aspects of your life.

    Eddylou Potts on

  • I was first introduced to PPC clothing a couple months ago. The clothing is amazing and so comfortable for working out in, it also gives you a sense of motivation just putting it on and knowing what it stands for. I finally branched out and decided to order the personal training and meal planning. I am so glad that I did! I am held accountable everyday for my workouts, my meals are planned for me so I have to do very little in planning. I have never felt better in my skin as I do now since having a personal trainer. I have motivation and determination every day and I would recommend the clothing and personal training to anyone who may be on the fence about any of it. You will not regret ordering the clothing or the personal training I can promise you that!

    Alicia Hensley on

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