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  • As my amazing uncle always says, what kind of cheese would you want to be? Shredded cheddar. This is how ppc makes me feel, shredded, on top, amazing, fit, never sorry but always BETTER. PPC to me is comfort but also motivation, it’s clothing but also a LIFESTYLE. Takes the best to be and feel like the best and that’s why I stand with and support ppc. This isn’t some temporary trend, it’s a lifelong mindset that follows you and helps you to keep pushing, keep growing, and keep going. Push past that comfort zone, and try something new. Start here with ppc!

    Celeste Galvan on

  • After being introduced to PPC from my uncle, I am NEVER going back to other workout clothing company other than PPC. All of the items are so comfortable, stylish, breathable, affordable and a huge variety of styles! It’s perfect for working out or just casual wear. And the companies message itself has helped me navigate tough challenges in my life and they way I live now in a way that I will never forget.

    Elizabeth Galvan on

  • This product is super nice and the sweaters are super soft!! PPC is a life long mindset, PPC also makes me want to push my self more and complete more of the goals that I have. I hope that other people will take my advise and get a PPC mindset.

    Nyla Witt on

  • What can I not say about PPC clothing! I was always a gym shark kind of person! Never going back! I love everything about this clothing wear! It’s material is awesome! Very soft and flexible to move in! When I put on the clothes it just give me the motivation to workout to my max! People ask me What this company is about and I always tell them! “If you wear this it’s because you always go above the radar when working out!” This workout wear gives me the motivation every single day to go to the gym! It makes me feel better every time knowing that when I go to the gym with this clothing I stand out like no one else!
    If you are looking for a GREAT,FLEXIBLE,DRI-FIT and most of all AFFORDABLE workout clothing!! This is definitely the right choice! YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT!

    Paul Rodriguez on

  • Best products on the market when it comes delivering the perfect message! PPC is a everyday mindset!

    Matthew Garza on

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